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Welcome To Pain Management

In 2002, pain Management Technologies started developing electrotherapy equipment. Over the years, we have grown our product offerings and improved our technology greatly.

iTens Pain Relief Device
The Large Wings iTENS gives the maximum coverage for your pain sites.
Ultima Neuro
The Ultima Neuro was designed as a advanced Neuropathy Stimulator, a breakthrough
iTens Long Strip Reusable Gel
iTens long Strip Reusable Gel Pack of 3 pairs of gel, each pair may last


Wide range of portable devices made with state-of-the-art technology


Meet Our Team

Viren Khullar

An Commerce major, a former CEO of a large Int’l Trading House  specialising in Sales & Merchandising for some of the largest retail chains in US, he successfully managed operations in six countries on three different continents. He is now heading the sales at PMT India. His vision to make India Free from unnecessary medication for pain relief that is being consumed daily by innocent people who do not know how bad the side effects are of these medicines. Meditation and playing with his grandchildren brings out the best in him.


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