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We at Pain Management Technologies (India) would like to introduce some of the latest Devices to alleviate Acute Pain and Totally Resolve most painful Conditions such as Chronic Pain, Sciatica, Epicondylitis, Post surgical Pain, Bursitis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, Muscle spasm, Abdominal pain and Initial Neuropathy amongst our young soldiers and veterans , even though our Parent company in USA has developed many devices to provide Quick Pain Relief but the two Devices we would like to Introduce to you are the latest and most importantly is Wireless and wearable by the patients even when at duty on the border or while recovering from a severe injury or accident.

  iTENSTM : The iTens is a Wireless electrotherapy device that merges modern technology with the proven results of “TENS & EMS therapy” to provide effective and lasting pain relief. The device has a Softwear to correctly provide frequencies for different body parts. This is the first and only wireless FDA cleared Medical Grade device.  Which is used on Joints, Muscles, Tendons, Back , shoulder, Abdominal pain etc, and on all serious Conditions stated above.

Ultima NeuroTM : The Ultima Neuro was designed as a advanced Neuropathy and Blood Circulation Stimulator, a breakthrough in the reduction of pain and discomfort associated with Peripheral Neuropathy of hands and feet in Diabetic Patients,  and Cancer Patients who have been on Chemotherapy are more likely to get Neuropathy, the symptoms are Burning sensation, Tingling sensation, Shooting Pain, and Numbness of hand and feet if not treated timely may lead to further distress, this device has a preset soft wear to considerably improve the blood flow in any part of the body and specially the hand and feet and is being used by patients and soldiers in many countries who are deployed at higher altitudes to avoid Frost bite, numbness and pain.
Unlike a basic Tens stimulator, the Ultima Neuro signals are precise with an auto-feedback loop that allows the Neuro to regulate the voltage based on different tissue masses. So the stimulator knows when it is treating a heavy set person, versus a thin person.We are willing to provide free Test Trials to our army men where ever it is required as per your requirement.

We are pleased to let you know that US army is one of our largest customers and we will really appreciate if we are given a chance to make a presentation of our devices before you.  Thanking you.

Meet our Team

Viren Khullar

An Commerce major, a former CEO of a large Int’l Trading House  specialising in Sales & Merchandising for some of the largest retail chains in US, he successfully managed operations in six countries on three different continents. He is now heading the sales at PMT India. His vision to make India Free from unnecessary medication for pain relief that is being consumed daily by innocent people who do not know how bad the side effects are of these medicines. Meditation and playing with his grandchildren brings out the best in him.

Pallavi Jassi Abbott

An Economics major, a former journalist and a marketing professional, Pallavi brings with her over 10-years of experience to the team. Driven by the desire to help people make good financial decision, A terrific team player with highest interpersonal skill, Pallavi is driven by securing the highest customer satisfaction. She takes time to understand her client’s situation and desired goals to tailor marketing solutions that fits their needs best. Although board games are a regular evening feature, Pallavi loves outdoor activities especially biking with her husband and two boys.


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